XRP cryptocurrency forecast for March 15, 2020, cryptocurrency forecast

XRP / USD technical analysisThe XRP/USD pair is quoted at $0.199. the XRP exchange Rate is moving within the correction after rising on Sunday. Signals indicate continued growth, but market volumes are low:- The rate is above the moving average level an average with a period of 50, which is in a sideways trend, but the volumes are low.- Daily MACD level in the buy zone. The MACD histogram also remains in the buy zone, but since it is close to the zero level, this may indicate a fall in the future.- RSI (relative strength index) on the daily chart the timeframe is above the level of 50, which indicates the predominance of buyers in the market.Digital currency rate. Bitcoin exchange rate forecast.Bitcoin is in a situation of uncertainty, analysts expect a recovery, at least for a few days, but if the market does not continue to grow, this may indicate a correction, and further growth prospects, for the asset. However, since the beginning of the pandemic measures, the authorities have tightened its borders, which undoubtedly affects the coin's price.PRC estimate for Bitcoin (BTC). This indicator is in a sideways trend, and as a rule, during a downturns, such as this one, it is not reliable a predictor of price direction. However, in this case, a sideways trend is indicated, which is recorded since the beginning of the pandemic measures.The cryptocurrency market is in a state of uncertainty, everyone is waiting for the recovery of the economy, and institutional investors contribute to this growth, but at the same time they are competing with retail investors for the same consumers. In this situation, the development of new projects and the launch of new ones on the exchanges is a positive factor, but at the moment, the market does not have enough weight.PRC estimate for Ethereum (ETH). The PRC indicator is in a sideways trend, and in the short term, it may indicate growth, but until we have more information, it can be interpreted as a caution.More to come see if the exchange rate moves in the right direction or if this indicator is a dead heat. #EthereumPRC is in a state of uncertainty, as all the indicators on the weekly charts are in a sideways trend. Indicators point to continued growth, but in the short term, analysts expect this cryptocurrency to fall.