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Wayne Gretzky reflects on life

Moss, who met Gretzky when the superstar dated his older sister in the early 1980s, was adopted by the NHL club at the time to help out at the rink.

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Connor McDavid of Edmonton Oilers

After two assists to the Jets 6-5 on Monday, McDavid has 499 career points. He is on the verge of becoming the eighth player to score 500 for the Oilers.

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Wayne Gretzky leaves the role

Update: Gretzky has signed a multi-year contract as studio analyst with US company Turner Sports. More about this

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For roughly a third of the shortened NHL season, Toronto Maple Leafs star Auston Matthews captured the imaginations of hockey fans everywhere while making the league's newly formed Northern Division goalkeepers headbang.

This is no longer a new discovery because Precision Shooting Center has been a goal scoring machine ever since he entered the National Hockey League in 2016 and won the Calder Trophy as best rookie with 40 goals.

Matthews, 23, has followed his newcomer to the league, scoring 34, 37 and 47 goals in each of the past three years, and he was on track to secure his first-ever 50-goal campaign last season ahead of the championship.